Moray Estates – Tornagrain

As lead consultants to Moray Estates, Turnberry Consulting has advised on the concept development, design and planning of Tornagrain, a new town for 10,000 in the Highlands. A new community designed to be environmentally-sustainable, pedestrian-friendly and mixed-use, Tornagrain will accommodate the growing population of greater Inverness whilst preserving the surrounding landscape for which the area is known. The town is amongst the largest new developments in the UK and has been recognised by the Scottish Government as an exemplar for design, environmental consideration and use of the public process.

Turnberry first became involved with the project when the area was identified by the Scottish Government as an optimal site for growth. Working with several other consultants, Turnberry ultimately led a search for a masterplanning team, with the Estate appointing urban design firm Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company (DPZ). DPZ not only offered unique experience and knowledge of the New Urbanist design philosophy, but also offered a unique approach to the public process, generating the town master plan during a public design charrette.

Turnberry then worked alongside Moray Estates to finalise the masterplan and develop a full consultation strategy beyond the charrette, which involved several hundred members of the local community. Turnberry has since prepared the planning application for the entire development, as well as the complementary materials on the business park proposed for the site adjacent to the new town.