University of Oxford – Foundations for the Future

Foundations for the Future is Oxford’s first university-wide Estate Vision. Released in 2010, the publication both articulates the principles informing the University’s development strategy and introduces the leading university and college developments. Turnberry worked alongside Oxford’s Estates and Publications Directorates to structure and write the publication. The aim was to produce a document which would communicate Oxford’s university-wide development strategy whilst providing information on the independent activities of the college estates.

The publication includes materials selected by the University Estate Directorate and nearly two dozen colleges. Developments profiled include teaching and research facilities, student accommodation, libraries, and museums. These projects include the restoration of historic buildings and the development of new, modern facilities, many of which have been designed by the UK’s leading architects. Together, the developments illustrate both the legacy of the historic estate and the University’s plans for expansion and renovation.

Foundations for the Future has been widely distributed by Oxford, and portions are available for public download on the University’s website.