Spring Lawn GP LLC – Spring Lawn Estate Redevelopment, Lenox, Massachusetts

The Spring Lawn Estate Redevelopment is a project which Turnberry Consulting US has overseen as project manager and strategy consultant. The project involves a Gilded Age mansion in Lenox, Massachusetts. Lenox, in the Berkshires region of Massachusetts, was a popular summer colony at the turn of the century and as a result has been left with a legacy of grand old estates. The Spring Lawn mansion and estate, however, are currently underutilised and falling into disrepair, but complete renovation for private use is no longer feasible (and has not been for many years).

Turnberry has employed creative solutions to a challenging entitlement environment resulting in the development of a resort on the property. The development scheme for the resort faced significant constraints both due to historic conservation/preservation restrictions and challenging natural characteristics of the site. As a result, the proposed development (20 rooms in the main house, 75 new adjunct units, a 75-seat restaurant within the main house, and renovation of an existing carriage house as a fitness centre and canteen), has coalesced into a very beautiful and unique form that will maximise the property’s tangible and intangible value going forward.

The development proposal has thus far received a very favourable response from the Town, the zoning board, the press, and members of the public. One member of the Zoning Board said of the plan that 'In the +/- 5 years that I have been on the ZBA, it is certainly the most thorough, thoughtful and beautiful submission that I remember receiving.' Implementation of the proposed scheme will progress after the required special permits are secured.